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Kerry and Rhett

What would you do if your wedding venue was being threatened by bushfire just 12 hours before your wedding day? Well Kerry and Rhett showed us all that it really doesn't matter about the months of planning, as long as you have a solid group of mates that will pull together for you when it matters and at the end of the day you get to marry your best friend.

Jess and Marty

Jess and Martin’s journey began when Martin was chosen to be Jess’s ski instructor on the slopes of Hakuba in Japan. Martin, an adventurous Dane was preparing to summit Mt Everest and Jess was studying to be a doctor in Australia and continued to fight to make the relationship work, despite the tyranny of distance…

Hayley and Michael

The epitome of style, class and swear words! I will never forget Hayley and Michael's incredible day!



Yo and Aaron