Hey! I didn't really know where to start this super awkward thing that is writing about yourself. Such an odd thing to do, such an odd world we live in really. 

Anyway I am looking at this (also super awkward) selfie on the page and indeed thinking who is this woman staring moodily back at me? I chose to use this photo because I very rarely take selfies, but when I saw this picture I was like hot dayyyuummm! Look at this grown ass woman. I saw myself and I liked what I saw. I felt like maybe (just maybe) the transformation was now complete and I had become the successful and sophisticated woman I was secretly dreaming of being. The point I'm trying to make here is that being a wedding videographer is not just a job for me, there's nothing I fear more than just having 'a job'. This is a way of life for me and I'm so proud of the fact that I've created the life I always wanted to live.  It's beyond my wildest dreams that I get to do what I do and it still blows my mind!

So wanna hear some fun facts about me? 

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1. There's nothing I love more than lighting a stick of incense in the morning and putting on some old jazz records.

2. I have recently learnt to skateboard and I am hooked!

3. I AM NOT A NIGHT OWL! I love waking up early and have pretty much never had a sleep in, no matter how much wine I've had!

4. I have a very strange habit of keeping the box of EVERY APPLIANCE/ELECTRICAL DEVICE I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!?

5. I can do flips! I used to do gymnastics as a kid and for some reason I can still do handsprings (Ok, not super impressive but it's a neat little party trick!)

I love life and I love love. The quote at the top of the home page of this website is from one of my favourite movies 'The Tree of Life'. It's so poetic and the whole movie just feels like my own internal monologue. It really sums up why I just have to make wedding films, there's no other way of doing life. THIS IS IT!

If you're feeling my vibe, please click below and get in touch! I'd love to hear about your day! 

Love everyone. Every leaf, every ray of light xx




Dani & Simon

We literally have no words to describe the spectacular work that Dani did on our wedding day! She captured everything about the day so amazingly and we could not have asked for anything more. I laughed and cried so hard in the absolute best way after receiving our videos and that's exactly how it should be. Aside from an amazing video, Dani is an absolute legend to have by your side on your day. She was so calm and easy to work with that we felt like we'd known her forever.
To all future brides that are umming and ahhing about having a it!! You will not regret it...I guarantee!
Love Dani x

Jade and Adam

Dani, booking your was the best decision we made for our wedding (aside from getting married hehe). we are completely in awe on your incredible creativity and the video you created for us was beyond anything we ever dreamed of. You made us both feel so comfortable on our big day and captured the most wonderful footage when we didnt even realise you where there.
I cannot recommend you high enough. Any couple that chooses to have you on their wedding day with be truely blessed. You are honestly one of a kind.

Rebecca and Chris

Dani is so amazing! From the first moment we met her and little Lucy, right up to our big day, she was just so lovely and professional. It was so much fun hanging out with Dani on our wedding day, we had so many laughs and I just wanted to be BFF's with her. Dani's commitment to her art is unsurpassed, she was due to have her bubba a few weeks from our wedding and you would never have known, she was full of energy and an absolute Wonder Woman! So many people have said how amazing our wedding video is, and even my hubby is so grateful we got one done after trying to veto it in our planning stage. I can't thank you enough Dani for capturing all the precious moments of our special day so that we can re-live those moments for the rest of our lives. We love you (and little Lucy and Edie) so much! If you are after the most incredible wedding video and an awesome experience on your big day, don't look any further than Dani!

Steph and Will

Danielle is such a rare find. Incredibly talented and hugely delightful to be around. Communication from beginning to end was seamless. I spent hours trolling through videographers and was stoked when somebody shared Daisy Clover with me. It was love at first video! Thank you Danielle. ❤️

Jess & Marty

I’ve had a bit of a rough week Dani, but was just watching our wedding video while I eat dinner before another nightshift - oh my gosh, it brings me so much joy and warmth. Thanks for making this for us! It’s just so perfect. You’re a beautiful soul!! Just thought you should know!! X